Welcome to Rotor Concepts.Our business is lead by 30 years of experience that have a mind for turbine engine overhaul, parts, support, research, and development. We are dedicated to managing success in all your rotorcraft endeavors.

1472926Don’t forget to make a life while you’re making a living.
The team at Rotor Concepts, LLC is led by John Boucher. Due to his 30 years of experience, John Boucher has a diverse skill set when it comes to rotorcrafts. When you work with Rotor Concepts, his skill set applies to many challenging situations and diverse requirements. Rotor Concepts is his 3rd major startup company.┬áThe company seeks to communicate and understand customers’ concerns, then bring capability, value, and closure to whatever their needs may be.

Rotor Concepts creates unique solutions to accomodate a multitude of circumstances on a global market. The company works across a number of helicopter product lines. No matter your rotorcraft problems, John Boucher and his team will work with you for the big win-win.