Maintenance & Overhaul

We perform maintenance in accordance with Military and Bell manuals, as well as carry out maintenance specifications based on the customers requirements. We can also complete full inspections of aircraft that have been in storage for long periods of time, certify the aircraft to comply with FAA regulations i.e. STCs, TSOs, 337s, etc., and return the aircraft to service. The following light and heavy maintenance are available:

  • Rotor Blades, Head and Mast – overhaul, inspection and repair.
  • Transmission Overhaul and Repair, including the 42° and 90° Gear boxes.
  • Swash Plate, Scissors/Sleeve – overhaul, inspection and repair.
  • Engine sudden stoppage inspection or foreign object damage inspection and repair.
  • Engine service – trim adjustment as required, such as Jet-Cal service for L11s and L13s.
  • Global fin Spar modifications in overhauled condition.
  • In addition, we offer component overhaul and exchanges.