About Us

Our design philosophy is simple – to make the helicopter more capable. For the past 2 years, we have been installing high performance components that enhance the flying capabilities of the helicopter, empowering the customer to become a more confident, stronger operator. For example, we believe that we have altered the UH-1H to go the distance: we installed a T53L-703 engine with a 212 transmission and rotor blade system; replaced military fuel lines and cells with the lighter commercial type; added strakes and a fast fin vertical fin that help create a more powerful aircraft. In addition, we propose to the customer a set of composite blades which give approximately 700 lbs of additional useful load under all circumstances. Whether you are operating in high terrain, carrying heavy loads, or simply in search of improving your existing aircraft, know that we specialize in redesigning with your goals in mind. We would also like to help you with all of your maintenance needs and replacement parts. We can deliver hard to find parts and assemblies. Welcome to Rotor Concepts, LLC